First Born Seminary And Training School
1100 H. J. Echols Drive • Waycross, Georgia 31501

Messages From Chancellor and President


All great teachers such as Plato and Aristotle have a definite and worthwhile educational aim. Christ comprehended all the best, then went a step further to make His educational aim: fitting man to live in perfect harmony with the will of God. He declared that perfection is the end of education. (Matt. 5:48). Our school’s subject matter of teaching is the Word of God which equips one to know God and know the devil as well as God. We teach our students how to establish a perfect relationship with our Creator; live in full possession of His divine power; and teach others to do the same.
Chancellor, Senior Bishop Titus B. Deas, Sr.


Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! Welcome to our school's website. Summer is rapidly approaching and with it comes the promise of another great school session and learning opportunity. Our Chancellor, Dean, Faculty and Staff are excited and ready to serve. We look forward to your comments and to seeing you in the summer session.
President, Bishop Maurice Jackson